Who's Karl

Karl was born in 1990
and spent the most part of his life in the quiet and beautiful peninsula of Tahiti far from the turmoil of the big cities.
He was raised within an environment full of strong
feminine figures.
Self-taught designer, Karl started his official career by participating in the popular Tahiti Fashion Week in June 2014.
It was merely for fun that Karl learnt how to sew in 2012. Little did he know, that he would be infatuated with fashion and be creating unique clothing.
He has mainly been inspired by
all the strong women with whom he grew up with.
He spent his early childhood with his grandparents, and his style is the reflection of the
strong and independent image he had of his grandmother.
His debuts
With the help of a friend from high school modeling in Canada, Karl will then decide to enlarge his horizon by creating a new line of clothing she will be wearing while posing for prominent photographers of fashion editorials.

He will then continue to perfect his art away from the spotlights during 2 years.
After hearing about the Tahiti Fashion Week he then decides to contact Alberto Vivian ( Italian designer who use to work with #Fiorucci and many others prestigious collaboration, also Artistic Director of Tahiti Fashion Week ) ; it is after that not so ordinary adventure, that the Line “Karl wan” officially entered the rag trade.

” I remember being at the appointment with my dresses. I was very stressed-out and He just said «This is exactly what I’m looking for! “

The Spirit
What stirs me up above all, is the idea of giving a new vision of fashion, to create a “Spirit”.

The ‘Karl wan spirit’ is rebel and stylish at the same time !

"I like to associate contrast, order and disorder; curves and lines in my designs"

” I have to share my vision of Polynesia and its people, That’s my tribute to my ‘fenua’ , to who I am “A strong, smart and rebellious spirit that does not take itself too seriously”.

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